Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are playful, sweet, and supersmart. Readers will learn all about them, from the breed's history to labs' personality and physical traits, in this fun book.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire terriers, also called Yorkies, are pint-sized dynamos! Readers will learn about Yorkie history, behavior, and how to best care for them in this engaging title.

Let's Explore Sound

Sound is made up of tiny vibrations. Learn how different vibrations create different sounds! With age-appropriate critical thinking questions and carefully leveled text, young...

From Wax to Crayon

How does wax turn into a colorful crayon? Follow each step in the production cycle—from melting wax into a liquid to coloring a fun picture—in this fascinating book!

Sam Sees Snow

It's snowing! What will Sam do outside? This simple story incorporates words from the Kindergarten-level Dolch Sight Word List to build literacy skills.

How I Do My Homework

What strategy do you use to get your homework done? Follow this responsible student who tackles math and spelling assignments.

Endangered and Extinct Amphibians

Hewitt's ghost frogs and arroyo toads are two examples of endangered amphibians. Few of them exist in the wild. Other amphibians have already gone extinct. What hurts these...

Insect Pollinators

Many insects drink nectar and collect pollen from flowers, and in the process they help plants reproduce. Readers will investigate how bees, butterflies, ants, and other insects...

Lake and Pond Food Webs in Action

Frogs, minnows, snails, ducks, catfish, and muskrats are a few of the animals that make up a lake and pond food web. But do you know why mosquitoes, mold, water lilies, and...

Let's Meet a Construction Worker

What do construction workers do? Some lucky kids are about to find out! They visit Mr. Moore, a construction worker who's helping to build a new school. He shows them machines...

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