Wild Child Publishing Podcast

Wild Child Publishing Podcast is the official podcast for news and interviews of Wild Child Publishings editors and writers. Each show will feature a new author and/or editor. The...

Sacred Word Publishing Podcast

Audio files from SWP's weekly study of ancient manuscripts and biweekly Ask Me Anything shows.

First Edition Design Publishing

Dan Geller, author of "Money Anxiety"

Adventures In Scifi Publishing

A science fiction podcast: bringing you authors of science fiction and fantasy since 2006: interviews, book reviews, news, free books, and more.

Inspired By Publishing Podcast

Welcome to the Inspired by Publishing Podcast! This year is the 20 year anniversary of Inspired Selection and to celebrate this we are proud to produce a podcast offering...

Self Publishing For Practitioners

Are you a holistic or alternative medical practitioner who has thought a lot about writing an EBook or Book but are worried about the effort?Do you wonder how you will get it...

State Of Digital Publishing

This is the Podcast feed for The State of Digital Publishing. State of Digital Publishing is an online publication covering media technology trends, perspectives, and news for...

Happy Self Publishing Show

Are you an aspiring author who wants to successfully self-publish your book? Are you looking for ways to increase your book sales and use your book to grow your business? You are...

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