Less N Less Podcast

E112. D-Leria



Episode - 112  D-Leria in the mix.   [No Traklist] -- Giuseppe Scaccia was born 1987 in Frosinone. As a teenager he immediately begins to show a great interest in electronic music.At the age of 14 he begins and follows his collection of Hardcore and Acid vinyls. In 2003, he starts his careerin the studio producing projects with his brother, THE TWINS ARTCORE and ALARMA RAVERS, achieving international successand performing at major events, including the Q- Base. In 2014 he produces something different from the usual, something he hadlong desired for. And thus D-Leria came to life. Starting with a Roland MC 909, the result was a seriesof explosive “acid” tracks. By attending the unique underground club of his province ‘Affekt club‘, he meets Alex Dolby, founderand owner of the label ‘Affekt Recordings’. Here he earned the spot as a resident DJ. In addition, he was offered to remixone of his songs, ‘liquid tool’. In this project he designed and built a series of episodes made in stop motion created by himself. L