Less N Less Podcast

E108. Denise Rabe



Episode - 108 Denise Rabe in the mix.   [No Traklist] -- Born in the 80s in a small German town by Bielefeld, the young Denise Rabe started mixing, scratching, and beat juggling Hip Hop at the tender age of sixteen. Her journey into sound led to experiments with Drum & Bass and a move to Berlin (2011) after taking time off to earn her degree in fashion design. Soon after, Denise assumed the moniker "ichundfred" and put together a mix tape which helped her score her first Berlin gigs. This deep house project gained acclaim and took her all over Germany, from Kassel to Frankfurt and perked the ears of Tel Aviv label and party crew Legotek, who took her in as family in 2012. It was no time at all before Denise was playing venues such as Berlin's legendary Tresor. Rabe has dipped her hands in many projects, from hosting a show on Berlin's infamous Sweatlodge Radio to handling bookings at Berlin's open-air venue [Ipse]. Since February 2015 she is hosting an event, HIDE and SEEK, with well selected Techno head