You're All Wrong

You’re All Wrong: Episode 0



And here it is, the inaugural episode of “You’re All Wrong,” my first venture into podcasting. This is just Episode 0, announcing my intention to make a lot of people angry. I will be doing future episodes but first I need guests. And this is a call for guests. I got the idea for this podcast after my little guest stint on Television Zombies, where I was asked to come on the show and defend Alcatraz.  I did my job but, in doing so, realized that I like a lot of things that a lot of people seem to dislike and dislike a lot of things that a lot of people seem to like. “You’re All Wrong” will be a short podcast where I debate the merits of something with someone who believes I’m crazy and that the masses are 100% correct. So what are possible candidates for the somethings? If the show keeps going I’ll drop new lists every so often, but here’s the first list: Things I like that a lot of people seem to dislike: Speed Racer the movie, Terra Nova, TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, Event Horizon, Lionel Richie, New Kids on t