Maeve In America: Immigration Irl

Children of Immigrants: Listen to Your Parents



Millions of Americans have immigrant parents, some of whom came here to escape oppression, some for economic opportunity, and some for the pizza. The very funny and very wise Aparna Nancherla (Womanhood on Refinery29) helps Maeve understand what it’s like to navigate American culture while honoring the culture your parents grew up in. Alex Karpovsky (GIRLS) relives his Slavic Communist throwback kindergarten outfits. Mona Chalabi learns more about her mother’s experience as a UK doctor after growing up in Iraq. The effervescent Charla Lauriston tells her mother, who moved as a teenager from Haiti, why she loves being the child of immigrants. Ashok Kondabolu chats with his dad Ravi about what he did in disco-era NYC, spoiler: it wasn’t dancing. It’s possible to literally be from somewhere completely different than your own parents, in more ways than one.