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FEARCast 119 - Richard Meiz of Genus Ordinis Dei



Fear sits down with Richard Meiz, drummer for symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei! We talk about their latest disc "Great Olden Dynasty". How did Richard get into music and metal? Korn, Limp Bizkit & Slipknot...  The Italian Metal Scene Where has the metal scene gone? How hard is it to play symphonic metal in small clubs? We play Genus Ordinis Dei - Salem (Cristina Scabbia) We talk about their video "Cold Water" (See below) Working with Steve Saints.  More behind the scenes of "Great Olden Dynasty" We take a step back and find out what Richard is into other than music. Who likes Stranger Things?? What's coming up next for G.O.D? Richard's favourite album of all time. All that and more!