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FEARCast 123 - The Creeps in Plank Face



Fear sits down with Mandy (Little Geek Lost / Box Office Beats) to review Creep, Creep 2 & Plank Face! The studio is a mess! Fear is fired up! Mandy thinks is Razar shitting in the studio! We talk about Creep (2014) & share our thoughts on the film, actors and more! Do people still like "found footage" style films? Did you like "tubby time"? Then we dig into Creep 2 (2018) and share our thoughts. Fear talks good and bad "found footage"... Looking at you AHS: Roanoke. Friday the 13th as a "found footage" film sounds stupid... but wait... did we just come up with an amazing idea?!?!?! We take a shit on Paranormal Activity, and white people! Have you ever filmed yourself sleeping? We play the song of the week: Radiohead - Creep We venture into the woods to find Plank Face (2016)! It's so hard when it comes to indie, you don't want to shit on it to hard. The breakdown of the film... where did it go wrong? Granny handjobs... that's a thing...  How fast can you break someone down? Wait... is this porn? All that an