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GenYChron Ep. 0002 – Millennials talking about beer, cannabis and liver pâté - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary Listen to our experiences about moving to 4 different cities across the globe in 4 years. We share with you our nomad-like strategy for moving like a millennial. We also talk about a few random but hotly debated topics: marriage stats, controlled substances and vegetarianism. You may also learn something new about the “Imperial City”, “Athens on the Isar River”, “Haligonia” and the “Gateway to the World”. Show notes 0:50 - The Gen Y moving strategy 4:00 - eBay classifieds in Germany and Kijiji in Canada (eBay classifieds group) 7:40 - How to negotiate prices on stuff you find on the classifieds 8:50 - Couch talk 15:00 - Random research about marriage (research and survey results) 17:10 - New cancer warning labels on coffee in California (news article) 19:00 - The cigarette buying experience in Germany and Canada 21:25 - Cannabis in Canada: The legalization of marijuana in Canada (news article) 22:50 - Age and alcohol: Canada vs. Germany 25:00 - “Beer is food here” 27:05 - The Viktualien