Do It Dad

#4: Brotherly Motivation: Recall & Rekindle Joyful Activities from our Past - Anthony Williams



In this episode Neil is joined by his elder brother Anthony Williams for a discussion that delves into their own experiences as middle aged fathers who now enjoy the challenges of maintaining their fitness and capacity to enjoy physical movement in every aspect of the word. They share insights about what fuels their need to stay fit and in good health now, as fathers in the later years of their lives and what they believe are factors that result in resistance for fathers who might want to get into 'The best shape of their life'. The conversation takes you on a journey back into Anthony and Neil's youth to discover their early motivators: Adult family members such as their own parents; Motivational friends they interacted with along their ever active journey to become middle aged gentlemen and ultimately fathers with children they want to enjoy, motivate and encourage.  So tap into this conversation. It will hopefully get you thinking... reminiscing... and even better still, get you out of the couch and enjoyi