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Vincent Antonuccio-WoW Workout World!-Sweat to Success



On episode 3, "Day Zero" interviews former Drill Sergeant turned fitness executive Vincent Antonuccio. Vince served in the military for 16 years throughout the 80s and early 90s. Post leaving the military, Vince took a series of jobs which eventually led him to join a venture with a group of friends that grew to over 30 locations in the Northeast. Vince's life has taken him from train thief from Boston MA, to co-owner of 30 gyms in the New England area. As any Army person knows, more than a couple of cadences have the lyrics "go to war or go to jail", for Vince, that was almost a reality. After making the decision to join the Army however, Vince never looked back and even built a new life transitioning from a lifestyle of bad habits to one of being a model soldier. Vince served a total of 16 years as a Combat Medic, and ended his career as a Drill Sergeant. From there he took a series of jobs from car salesman, to programmer, to eventually collaborating with a set of business partners to begin what became the