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Jeff Alpaugh-The World's Most Dangerous Dress Shirts-The Art of Being Dangerous



On episode 2 "Day Zero" goes international (and a bit Dangerous) when we interview Canadian clothing entrepreneur Jeff Alpaugh, Founder and CEO of Jeff Alpaugh Custom. Please note that this episode is 1 of 2. We leave a lot to be discussed at the end of part 1, which we will cover in part 2 (to be released at a later date). In Part 2, we will go into detail about Jeff's appearance on "Dragon's Den", the Canadian version of "Shark Tank", and how he leveraged some Army skills during the hype phase! Jeff's life has taken him from a kid who didn't know a thing about dressing well, to the creator of "The World's Most Dangerous Shirt." Jeff is no stranger to challenge. After college he served as a Canadian Army Officer where he served in the Infantry and trained with other foreign Armies in South America. Uzi and Jeff met at Ranger School- where they both did a little "extra credit" at Fort Benning. While in college, Jeff became interested in clothing while he worked for high end clothiers in Canada. These experien