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GenYChron Ep. 0007 – Epigenetics, fasting and outdated food guides - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary Warning: listening to this week’s podcast episode may change the way you think about food and your genes. Did you know what you eat today can affect your great-grandchildren’s genes? Can fasting actually make you live longer? Did you know that the recommended limits on alcohol consumption significantly differ from country to country? Is eating eight servings of grain-based foods per day still a relevant recommendation? Show notes 0:18 - Learning about epigentics on SciShow in 2012 (YouTube link) 0:48 - What does epigenetics mean? (Wikipedia article) 2:32 - How starvation affects epigentics and future generations 3:24 - Study on roundworms passing on their epigenetic information to their offspring (Research article link) 5:27 - Reduced caloric intake in rodents has shown to increase overall lifespan (Research article link) 5:50 - Fasting in cultural and religious traditions 6:58 - How dietary practices outlined in the Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible/Torah) helped ancient people live safer l