Day Zero Podcast

Sonny Tosco-Ronin Dev-The Art of a Comeback



The Art of a Comeback: *Note: We had to utilize our PACE plan for this episode, so please excuse the lesser quality audio. Due to some connection and firewall issues, we had to record this episode using our phones. A lesson in perseverance and ingenuity! Sonny Tosco is West Point graduate (Class of 2006), former Air Defense officer, and tech entrepreneur. Inspired by his father, a Filipino immigrant, who was liberated by General MacArthur, Sonny made the decision at a young age to go to West Point and eventually serve his county. Sonny’s best memories from West Point is grinding through the Academy alongside his classmates and friends. He was inspired by his TAC (Tactical Officer) at West Point to commission into Air Defense. Initially Sonny transitioned into the corporate world in order to appease what he describes as the societal pressure that comes along with family expectations of what success and stability look like. However, while attending USC Marshall School of Business and managing accounts for an ed