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GenYChron Ep. 0009 – The most livable cities, #CitiesForPeople and thoughts about happiness - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary On today’s show we talk about two cities that make the top-five list on both Mercer’s and Monocle’s “the most livable cities” rankings: Munich and Vienna. Having lived in both cities, we compare our own anecdotal evidence with these two livability rankings. We also chat about how some cities in North America are starting to plan their cities for people instead of cars. To finish, we discuss how happiness is not a goal, but rather a side effect. Show notes 0:28 - The most livable cities in the world (Wikipedia article) 1:48 - Many of the most livable cities are in Canada and Germany 3:15 - The ranting U-Bahn operators in Munich 4:48 - Strangers in Munich are friendlier than strangers in Vienna 5:10 - Comparing Munich’s infrastructure to Vienna’s infrastructure 7:15 - Munich has hundreds of bicycles hanging upside-down in trees (The Local news article) 7:54 - Why are there so few American cities in "the most livable cities" rankings? 9:29 - The affordability of accommodations doesn’t seem