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Women Aren't Funny - Bonnie McFarlane - Tuesday January 13 At 9:30 Pm EST



Fast, witty, and deadly with a joke Canadian-born comedian. Writer, and director Bonnie McFarlane has been cracking up audience around country for over ten years with her stand-up. Raised in the Albert farm country McFarlane worked on her stand up in her home country before migrating to New York City. Within a few years McFarlane landed a major TV Development deal and moved to L.A. to become a writer and continue working on her comedy career. Recently, the Last Comic Standing finalist stepped into the world of documentary filmmaking with “Women Aren’t Funny”, a humor filled study if women are truly funny. The film, which is produced by her comedian husband Rich Vos, was one of the top ranking films on iTunes video. Well, tune in on Tuesday to listen to Bonnie and Janét tell you why women are funny and nothing can stand in the way of your dreams. Purchase Bonnie Mc Farlane’s film “Women Aren’t Funny” on itunes and you can follow Bonnie on Twitter @bonniemcfarlane