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Conscious Cafe - Cafe Change



Your Conscious Connection to a new dimension in thought and knowledge for the mind, body, andspirit. The Conscious Cafe the Women's Movement Radio Network, hosted by veteran food safetyand health and wellness advocate, Ahzjah Netjer Simons, is a series which explores new dimensional living with an increased awareness of the individual, their gifts, talents, passion, dreams and ways to achieve them. It offers portions of the Art of You workshop series, which includes holistic health practices, alternative medicine, nutrition, food safety, environmental awareness, relationships, life path empowerment,spiritual awakening and everything in between. The program offers hand picked musical selections creatively weaved throughout enlightened discussion, interviews, carefully selected audio snips its as well as physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual fitness tools for any life path and healing journey. Join AHZJAH Sundays at 6pm for artistic excellence, mind stimulation, soul-based healing, spiritual attunements, an