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An Interview of an Outdoor Sex Tripper



James is 26 years old gay from Mandaluyong City who is proud doing risky sexual acts in public places. He admits that he enjoyed a lot doing such act in public but he never claimed as an exhibitionist. He narrated his story to Cute Pinoy Portal Podcast on how he became an aficionado of practicing the so called “Outdoor Sex Tripping”. Public sex is sexual activity that takes place not in an entirely private context. It refers to a person or more than one person performing a sex act in a public place or in a private place but can be viewed in a public place. Such private places can include the back yard or even the bedroom with the curtains open. It also includes such acts in a semi-public place, where the general public is free to enter, such as a shopping mall. Public places where sex acts can be performed include a car (commonly called parking), on a beach, in the woods, as well as in a theatre, bus, street, toilet, cubicle or cemetery. James is also famous in an online daring video site because he uploade