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GenYChron Ep. 0011 – The Millennial marriage taboo and Generation Squeeze - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary This week we focus on the benefits of marriage, the ever-changing perspective of marriage in Western society and the unfortunate victim mentality of Millennials. We’ve collected a tonne of facts that will make you second-guess your preconceptions about marriage. We also share our opinions about why we should actually be excited about Generation Y’s prospects. Show notes 1:03 - These days people are much older when they first marry (Article on the Time magazine) 1:18 - In Germany, people wait longer to get married compared to people in Canada (List of countries by age at first marriage on Wikipedia) 1:54 - In today’s Western culture, marriage has become devalued to the point of becoming taboo 2:33 - People see marriage as a first step towards divorce (Divorce statistics by country on Wikipedia) 3:07 - The likelihood of divorce increases if your parents got divorced (Journal article) 4:22 - In Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador has the lowest rate of divorce; whereas, Quebec has the highest r