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HALO, GEARS OF WAR, MORTAL COILS - Eric Nylund, Writer and Story Consultant, 2-11-09



Eric Nylund, HALO and GEARS OF WAR writer and story consultant, discusses his new book, MORTAL COILS, his new comic mini-series, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - The Cylon War, and his new graphic novel, HALO - Genesis. Mr. Nylund provides tips on becoming a game developer and the path to becoming a successful writer. Mr. Nylund is a writer and story consultant for Microsoft Game Studios where he helps develop and maintain blockbuster billion-dollar game franchises such as GEARS OF WAR and HALO. He has helped shaped the intellectual property for some the world's best videogame developers, including Bioware, Ensemble Studios, and Epic Games.