Beyond Black And White Talk

Two Sure-Fire Ways for Shy Folks to Date Interracially!



Shy to? Check out Matthew Hussey's "Get the Guy" video coaching series Visit the blog: The letters: Dear Christelyn, My name is Aaron Wade and I am a 21 year old college student. About a week ago a co-worker, J, introduced my to her cousin, M, who is black, and J said that M and I should go out. Well at first I thought that J was joking, but now I am not so sure. While I was checking M out, who I am very attracted to by the way, I noticed she was looking at me smiling and waving so I smiled and waved back. As the work night continued J told me a few things about M, like she is shy, and seemed to be encouraging me to ask M out; which I did not do that night because to opportunity never presented itself to me (if it did I could not tell). Two days later, when J worked again, I ask J if M was with her today, unfortunately she had went home. However, J told me that she would bring M by on Friday to see me. J did bring M by to see my on Friday