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It's our first ever clip show live from a back storeroom inside Paradise Comics at Yonge and Lawrence during a very special fundraiser. Sketches for Pledges was organized by past Speech Bubble guest Shane Kirshenblatt to benefit The Canadian Cancer Society in honor of the legendary Toronto born comic artist Darwyn Cooke (Batman: Ego, Justice League: The New Frontier) and, friend of the Toronto comics community, Brendan Yapp. Local artists including the three guests on this show -- Steve Bynoe, Jason Roussel and Nik Zezos -- raised $3297.20 -- by sketching for a very generous public. Now, listen as they discuss everything from their latest projects to their artistic style and how they too were touched by cancer as we follow their efforts to break in to the comic industry as part of this fundraiser and beyond. This podcast sponsored by our friends at Hairy Tarantula. Steve Bynoe Instagram Twitter Facebook latest comic book - Chronokari Alpha Website Instagram Editorial director of Comix Asylum Web