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GenYChron Ep. 0013 – Tea: The drink of the Millennials - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary Let’s talk about tea... the drink of choice for our generation. This week, we discuss the growing demand for tea among Millennials, coffee substitutes, making tea from local plants and the health benefits of drinking various teas. We also share our opinions on some of the finer green and black teas, and we outline the different perspectives on tea in Canada and Germany. Show notes 0:26 - Tea is more and more popular among our generation than previous generations (YouGov article) 2:34 - Tea shops like DAVIDsTEA in Canada, are catering to the growing demand for more sophisticated tea flavours and varieties 3:06 - Some teas are used as a substitute for coffee (Dandelion coffee and Rooibos tea) 4:00 - Tea perception in Canada vs. Germany (Black vs. herbal) 5:34 - Green, black and white teas all come from the same plant species (Wikipedia article about camellia sinensis and Britannica article about tea production) 6:27 - First flush vs. second flush teas (Article from Tea101) 6:45 - High quali