Day Zero Podcast

George Bryant-Civilized Caveman-The Importance of Radical Openness



On this episode we interview Digital Marketing Expert, Founder of Civilized Cavemen, and New York Times Best Selling Author George Bryant. George's personal journey is a story of triumph through adversity. Specifically, during his career as a marine he overcame a one-year period of rehabilitation after almost losing his legs in Somalia, due to exercise induced compartmental syndrome. After multiple deployments to Afghanistan, he was medically discharged from the United States Marines due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, it's George's journey to overcome this adversity that led to his current success as an entrepreneur. During his transition out of the Marines, George began a journey to achieve his health outcomes and documented it all online. Throughout the process, George attracted a following which would eventually become the civilized caveman community. On his way out of the marines, he sold an e-book to his community which earned more money in that one product than he had made in one year as an