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Justine Evirs-The Paradigm Switch-Social Entrepreneurship 101



On this episode we interview Justine Evirs, Founder & CEO of The Paradigm Switch. Justine has commitment issues, as in, she continually finds problems that she feels compelled to solve, a mindset which serves as the foundation of her entrepreneurial journey. Justine joined the Navy after High School, an experience which she says was based out of a desire to explore and travel. While in the Navy, she attended college, becoming the first in her family to graduate from college. As a Sailor, she would go on to work in non-classified jobs which allowed her to realize things that she did not want to do. While serving, she unfortunately ran into medical issues which would eventually lead to her discharge. On her way out of the military, she made the important decision of going to school which led her to two things her eventual post military career in education as well as to meeting her significant other. Justine continued her service after her stint in the military by becoming a military spouse. While being a mi