Cristian Leyva Dj Podcast

Cristian Leyva - HOLD IT (Mexico City 2011 Spring Session)



DOWNLOAD ALL MY SESSIONS FOR FREE: ...dreams. There are no lifes without dreams. Sometimes a dream, is the only one reason for living. Each one of us, has a dream in the heart. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS! Living your dream. I have a dream. This, is my dream. And I´m sharing it with you. ° THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING MY BEAT INSIDE YOUR MEMORY; INSIDE YOUR DEVICES. THANK YOU FOR BEING CONNECTED WITH ME. FOR MAKING BE A BETTER PERSON, A BETTER DEEJAY EVERY DAY. ° EVERYTHING I DO, IS THINKING TO ENTERTAIN YOU; THINKING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR & 20 MINUTES. THINKING ON GIVE YOU WHAT YOU DISERVE: ONLY THE BEST :o) ° WE DON´T NEED THE DARK; ´CAUSE IN TIME OF CHAOS, HUMANITY NEEDS ONLY HOPE, NEEDS ONLY THE LIGHT. ° ENJOY THIS BEAT & BELIEVE...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF...BELIEVE IN DREAMS. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! :o) ° **** **** **** **** **** ° ...sueños. No existen vidas sin sueños. Algunas veces un sueño, es la única razón para vivir. Cada uno