Generation Z

Cowboy Poetry with Brad Phares



Brad Phares, born into a lineage of cattle ranchers, describes the inspiration behind his poetry, stories, and artwork. Brad's Links: Website: * contains art, book info, black & white photography, and related merch (t-shirts, hats, etc). Facebook Pages: personal - artist page- writing + art - Twitter: @WBPhares Instagram: search "Cowhunters Unlimited" NEXT BOOK UPDATE: "I'm working on a second GenZ book release with a working title “Dreams of a Rancher’s Daughter” that will be a co-authored project between me and my daughter, Jacqueline. The book will combine some of her poetry, stories from my mom, and some poetry I’ve written from the female’s point of view (that’s been fun trying to channel!). It will be three generations worth of voices in one book when we finish it and I have to admit that we’re running a good bit behind because of h