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Interview with Nancy Gordon



The founder of the not for profit, Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief and Paws For Comfort, Nancy Gordon, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from California, USA. She became an expert on fibromyalgia, after a car accident left her disabled and she was diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and a mild traumatic brain injury. In researching natural options for relieving her chronic pain, Nancy discovered the rare dog breed Xoloitzcuintli (Xolos), whose body heat provides constant warmth and serves as a “24/7 no-microwave-live-heating pad” for muscle and joint pain. Nancy inspired the producers of the TV show Animal Planet, to create a documentary on her use of Xolos as the first service dog for fibromyalgia, which launched her nonprofit. Nancy also created a unique greeting card line, called Paws For Comfort, specifically to support people with chronic illness and disabilities and their caregivers. Nancy is currently launching two other inspirational platforms with her newly published books. The first workbook in a s