Speech Bubble

Evan Munday



On this episode of Speech Bubble, we have one of Canada's most fashionable males of 2018 – just read The Globe and Mail, where he was voted best dressed. Aaron and Evan go back a long way, to the days when Aaron first moved to Toronto and was just getting into the comic scene and Evan was part of a long-retired artist collective Sketchkrieg with past Speech Bubble guest Jason Loo where he was peddling his own self-published comics, like Amazing Challengers of Unknown Mystery (starring Avril Lavigne) and Quarter-Life Crisis, on the convention circuit. At some point though, he had greater ambitions. This book publicist decided he could write a better children's book than the authors he represents and would you believe it actually worked out? Now, he's the author of a popular young adult novel series called The Dead Kid Detective Agency, which combines ghosts and ghouls with a little Canadian history. For example, right now Evan is on tour in Ontario and Alberta until November 22, 2018 promoting the newest book