Gary Nuila

Ideal Manhood to the Bottom and Back — The Story of Joseph of Egypt — Gladiator Pt. 3



 Podcast: 28 February 2018 In the second act of the movie Gladiator, we find the character Maximus at the lowest point imaginable. His jealous brother Commodus, who idolized him, sought to destroy him and everything he valued, rather than learn from him. Maximus is beat down and we question whether the former ideal man still lives within him. Maximus: “That man is dead, your brother did his work well.” And yet, when pressed, aspects of his former character awaken, and just as before, those around him, can’t help respect that which commands respect. Having to construct himself anew, Maximus initially lives merely for the ideal of survival, Maximus is made to fight in the gladiator arena, where his supreme competence once again becomes apparent, and people again rise to their feet in honor of that supreme competence. Maximus despises what he’s being made to do in the arena, and calls out the crowd for their warped taste for blood, and still, they cheer him. Learning that his capability could earn