Gary Nuila

It’s Judgement Day — Where are the Men? (High Noon Video Essay)



Podcast: 22 February 2018 Stories are the master teachers. If we pay attention, we can learn a lot from them. One of the good stories comes from the 1952 western High Noon, a favorite of several US Presidents. In High Noon everybody’s sweating. It’s Judgment Day. We think judgment day is something for another life, but in fact, judgment day comes all the time. And when it comes, you’re exposed and you’re naked. You’re seen for who you really are. In High Noon Judgment day arrives in the form of deranged outlaw Frank Miller. The town Marshall, Will Kane and some deputies arrested Miller a few years back and the judge sentenced him to hang. But he was released up North and now he’s coming back—due on the train at High Noon. What’s Frank Miller come to judge? The town. Society. In particular the men. Are there any men? And are there any women who will demand a correct version of manhood. Will Kane is the man. When he’s married to his pacifist Quaker wife at the beginning of the movie, it’s not “husb