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A G Pasquella



William S. Burroughs once said, “Seize control of the reality studio” and Adam “A.G.” Pasquella has been doing that since he was in second grade. Born in Dallas, Texas but now living in Toronto, he started making comics that ended with him getting all the candy in grade school and just kept right on going through middle school when he sold mini comics through the mail. When the small publisher he sold his first book to went out of business just as the ink was drying on the contract, he once again seized the reality studio and self-published his first two novellas, Why Not a Spider Monkey Jesus and New Town. He comes to discuss the scifi and comic book influences of those two works, a noir chapbook featuring Ms. Pac Man he co-edited with author Terri Favro called Pac N Heat and his latest book – this time for Dundurn Press, Yard Dog – book one in a thriller series featuring a hard luck character named Jack Palace. (A play on Frank Castle) While promoting Yard Dog and its upcoming launch at The Tranzac Club in