Families Of Faith Am Service's Podcast

03.05.17 As Things Change



Change is much a part of our lives as breathing is. What seems to be increasing is the rate of change. We don't always appreciate how much change we have experienced in a realitivaley short amount. Think about the number of tools you no longer need because you have a cell phone in your pocket. You no longer need a compass, a map, a flashlight, a radio, or a personal computer because you have all of that and more in the palm of your hand. Not all change has been benificial or good. The crime rates are higher than ever. There is a general lack of value for human life. Marriages don't last as long as the warrenty on your refridgerator. Even with all of that, we still have hope if we have our eyes on Jesus and our thoughts on the things of God. Listen as Pastor Randy Blan brings us this timely message.