Speech Bubble

Jo Lalonde



Jo Lalonde tells Aaron she was an artist since she figured out how not to eat the crayons. First apprenticing as a tattoo artist before learning the chalk art trade under legendary Canadian chalk artist Chalk Master Dave, best known for producing the iconic superhero mural on the outside of Silver Snail's former Queen Street location. Jo tells tales of her own superheroism while dealing with the few pedestrians who don't pay attention and walk over her hands and art. Not to mention dealing with other various street buskers while she plied her trade at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square before eventually moving a few blocks up for a safer, more secure place to work. Plus, she tells us her favourite superhero for putting chalk to sidewalk. You'll also learn what it takes to draw a great chalk mural on the sidewalk and why those 3D chalk optical illusions are never done spontaneously and are sometimes more trouble than their hits on social media. She tells us why superheroes get her the most attention and how she got