Sex & Studio City

Ep. 37 | A Badass Babe Who Can ‘Survive’ Anything



On this week’s episode of Sex & Studio City we have badass babe Libby Vincek joining us! Libby competed on Season 36 of “Survivor: Ghost Island” and she gives us every detail of surviving on a deserted island from the inspirational mental strength, to the nasty realness of living with no toothbrush or razor. Libby breaks down dating southern gentleman compared to dating surfer boys, and she gives us the details of her next epic adventure living like a local in Thailand! Libby’s fearlessness of the unknown and openness to new adventures is unparalleled. Follow Libby on Instagram & Twitter: @iamthelibster Follow along on Libby’s Thailand adventure on Instagram: @dreamjobbing Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx