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Practices for Your Extraordinary Life with Sean Stephenson



What excuses are you making that keep you from living your best life? Sean Stephenson is here to tell you today that they're hogwash! Standing at 3 feet tall with his wheelchair to move him through life, Sean knows every obstacle and every excuse that keep people from their dreams. In this episode, he reveals the very simple (stupidly simple) practices he uses each day as the foundation to live his dreams. In this episode, you will learn: -The importance of connecting to role models, surrounding yourself with positive people, and ditching the people who hold you down. -What's in Camille's superfood smoothie (you can get the goods here: -Sean's secrets for massive energy. -How to craft a "when life works" list (and why its totally essential you do). -That all of personal growth boils down to 6 simple words. Can you guess them? -How to become a master of your own life. -Why YOU are the best investment around. -Sean's mission to rid the world of insecurity. -The difference betwee