Paleo, Love & Transformation

Back to Your Wild Roots with Daniel Vitalis



Deer antler? Colostrum? Pine pollen? Reishi? Chaga? Strange scrabble words or little known miracle cures straight from nature? In this fascinating episode, Daniel teaches me that nature has given us everything we need for hormone balance, peak strength, athletic endurance, digestive and immune health and perfect glowing skin (just to name a few). He asserts that we need not just SURVIVE modern life, but that THRIVING is our birthright and truly possible when we introduce wild foods and herbs back into our diets. I consider myself pretty well-versed in natural health and this episode totally blew me away. On my way to make a colostrum face mask now... Learn more about the products mentioned on the show today here: Get 10% off your first order with coupon code: PALEOGASM. Offer valid through 5/21/14. About my guest: Daniel Vitalis is a Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist. Encouraging us to “ReWild Ourselves”, he teaches that Invincible Health is produced