Paleo, Love & Transformation

Living Through Crisis, Sacred Self-Care & Creating Healthy Boundaries with Patrina Wisdom



Do you find yourself worn-out, living on empty, knowing life is about more than the constant go, go, go and yet unable to shift courses? You see other women having more life, more love, more fun, more connection, but you just feel stuck to turn that power on in your own life? Or maybe tragedy or crisis has struck your life and you just don't know how to pull yourself through? My guest, Patrina Wisdom, has lived through it all. Through her amazing story of courage and willingness to redefine her life on her terms after the sudden death of her husband, leaving her with 4 kids and a business to run solo, she learned much about PUTTING HERSELF FIRST, DEFINING BOUNDARIES, and CREATING A LIFE OF HER DESIGN. In this episode, you will learn and know that for you to be the best mom, woman, friend and partner you can be, you need to light or rekindle the fire that lives within you. Love and nurture the woman that lives with in you. Then, and only then, can you really access the woman you've always dreamed you co