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Healing Competition, Comparison & Jealousy with Laura Swan



Are you ready to release the walls that keep you from having AMAZING relationships with women? Once you listen to this episode, you certainly will. You will learn: -What happened to little girls that turned women into competitors instead of sisters. -Why isolating yourself from authentic, connected relationships with women is one of the worst things for your emotional health and happiness. -How to heal the root cause of competition and jealousy. -Why women need each other to truly thrive in the world. -How relationships with women IMPROVE not DESTROY your relationships with men. -A simple 30 second process that will support you in creating loving and lasting relationships with all of the women in your life. About my guest: Laura Swan, M.A., E-RYT, is a speaker, writer, yoga teacher, women’s empowerment coach, and trained therapist who has been working with women and leading inspiring retreats and circles since she was 16 years old. She is passionately committed to the healing and empowerment of women