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Coming Home to You with Lauren Sheehan



Ever feel like your path, your relationships, the plan for your life is in a blender? That it just doesn't make much sense? In this day and age with such infinite possibility, many of us are feeling the squeeze to shift course, to return to our authentic selves. That requires us to stop running, stop abandoning ourselves, stop living in the endless plight of ego identification to get our needs met from the outside world, to return to our body. This takes time, patience and commitment to becoming our most authentic selves. If you're here, chances are you're just about to the end of being willing to live a fragmented life and are ready to take the road less taken, no matter how uncertain it may seem. Let this little episode remind you that we are here with and for you and that we are on this journey together :) Learn more about The School of Inner Beauty: Connect with Lauren: