Paleo, Love & Transformation

The Paleo Transition with Terry Shanahan



About My Guest: As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist student, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, and Certified CrossFit Coach, Terry Shanahan takes a holistic approach to his client’s wellness – beginning at the metabolic level. By identifying a client’s unique biochemical individuality, Shanahan customizes diet, supplement, and exercise and wellness programs. He services individuals ranging from those at the pinnacle of professional sports, including CrossFit athletes and NBA star Kyle Korver, to individuals suffering from chronic health issues including autoimmune, endocrine, inflammatory, and digestive disorders, to those who simply want to improve their quality of life, health, and physical appearance. What You’ll Learn in this Episode: Terry’s Journey. Identifying food sensitivities. Types of people the Paleo Plan can help. Things that hold a person back from transitioning to Paleo. The 3 biggest challenges to overcome. What is your WHY? Planning for long term success. Managing social chal