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Integrating All Parts of You



About my guests: Paul Cooper is the founder of and works as an Interpersonal Clearing Guide. Lauren Sheehan is a Performing Speaker~Feminine Soul Liberator~Dancer and Choreographer at the Feminine Rhythm and Master Teacher at The Art of Feminine Presence. She is also a contributor to The School of Inner Beauty :) What You’ll Learn in this Episode: -Just what is an Interpersonal Clearing Guide and how can he help us? -The differences between an integrated individual vs. a disintegrated individual and determining your own type. -Taking responsibility for your own life by resolving your split and the consequences that occur if you don’t. -The structures being eroded today and what it will take to correct them. -Reconceptualizing the Masculine and the Feminine Energy. -Rewriting your Neural Pathway through your own confusion. -The Five Levels of Consciousness. -Finding Self Mastery by taking full responsibility for everything in your life. Get complete show notes: