Paleo, Love & Transformation

Surrender to Your Dreams



Hi friends! You may have noticed that I haven't recorded a podcast for several weeks! I'm sorry if you've been missing them! I promise you that the unfolding thats been happening in my life the last couple months and the fruits that are coming from it will makeup for the lapse. In this episode, I'm sharing the amazing new revelations that have been coming to me that has led to profound levels of peace, happiness and presence in my life. Whats happening for me is possible for you, and my intention is that you know yourself as capable of creating and receiving your hearts deepest desires, whether it be for family, career, relationship, adventure, contribution...or all of them like me! These are the classes I've been participating in lately that I referenced in the episode. This list is in no way exhaustive, just what I've called to me. If you're interested in going deeper into your life's purpose, my best advice is to check them out, talk with others about the stuff they've done, and ask yourself what is best f