SteamLUG Cast

s04e06?– Super Hot and Sweaty



Our hosts spoil half of SUPERHOT and discuss the latest in Linux gaming and game engines. Introduction 00:00:23 @Corben78 introduces 00:00:24 @hmccio 00:00:29 @HeroOhOne Our Gaming 00:00:37 @hmccio has been playing Sword Coast Legends [], SUPERHOT [], Pokemon Omega Ruby [], and emulated games 00:02:46 @HeroOhOne has been playing Arma 3 [] 00:03:06 @Corben78 has been playing TIS-100 [], SUPERHOT [], and Elite: Dangerous [] 00:05:42 @Corben78 SPOILER HOTS all over the SUPERHOT SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:12:10 Past Events GRID: Autosport [] Factorio [] Sir, You Are Being Hunted [