SteamLUG Cast

s04e02?– Heroes and Hooters



Introducing Mohero (@Jasey_wasey) as a new host, our Linux crazies talk about continued updates to Steam Hardware and other gaming news. Introduction 00:00:18 @HeroOhOne introduces his co-hosts 00:00:19 @Corben78 00:00:22 Tele (Tele42) 00:00:25 Mohero (@Jasey_Wasey) Our Gaming 00:00:34 @Corben78 has been playing Time Clickers [], AdVenture Capitalist [], BlazeRush [], Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [], Company of Heroes [], Guns of Icarus Online [], and GRID: Autosport [] 00:02:17 Tele (Tele42) has been playing Awesomenauts [], Natural Selection 2 [], GRID: Autosport [], and The Talos Principle [] 00:03:12 Mohero (@Jasey_Wasey) has been playing GRID: Autosport [http://www.g