SteamLUG Cast

s04e01?– Wide?eyed Fools



Our Linux fanatics make each other feel foolish with statements that, fingers crossed, will come true in the end. Introduction 00:00:08 bean (@beansmyname) introduces his co‐hosts 00:00:17 @HeroOhOne and 00:00:19 @DerRidda Our Gaming 00:00:25 Hero has been playing an unhealthy amount of GRID Autosport [], Sublevel Zero [] and Steam Controller [] config. 00:00:53 DerRidda stuck with the usual Insurgency [] 00:01:02 Bean got a healthy amount of GRID Autosport, and capped it off with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [] and Tower of Guns [] SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:01:59 Past Events Arma 3 [] Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [] 00:02:58 Upcoming