SteamLUG Cast

s03e23?– Exclusive Insider Knowledge



Our hosts talk about exciting new Linux game releases and predictions for 2016 Introduction 00:00:15 DerRidda introduces 00:00:26 @beansmyname 00:00:29 @Corben78 00:00:31 @HeroOhOne 00:00:33 @hmccio 00:00:35 Nemoder Our Gaming 00:00:43 @beansmyname has been playing Nuclear Throne [], Saints Row: Gat out of Hell [], and Rocket League [] 00:01:35 @Corben78 has been playing Rocket League, Assault Android Cactus, Axiom Verge, Saints Row IV [] 00:05:30 @HeroOhOne has been playing "Make configurations for the Steam Controller" [] 00:05:53 @hmccio has been playing Undertale [] 00:07:37 @DerRidda has been playing Saints Row IV [], Saints Row: Gat out of Hell [], Insurgency [