SteamLUG Cast

s03e17?– Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep



Sanatana Mishra and Tim Dawson of Witch Beam Games join our hosts to talk about Assault Android Cactus Introduction 00:00:10 @HeroOhOne introduces 00:00:19 @ValiantCheese 00:00:21 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:22 Sanatana Mishra (@SanatanaMishra) 00:00:28 Tim Dawson (@ironicaccount) Our Gaming 00:00:44 @ValiantCheese has been playing Crypt of the Necrodancer, Assault Android Cactus, Airscape and testing some Megasphere 00:01:07 bean (@beansmyname) has been playing The Stanley Parable, Crimsonland, Coffin Dodgers, Risk of Rain, Monster Loves You! and Assault Android Cactus 00:02:04 @HeroOhOne has been playing Verdun, Risk of Rain, Crimsonland and Arma 3 00:02:33 @SanatanaMishra has been playing DOTA 2 and some games at expos and conventions 00:03:50 @ironicaccount hasn't had a lot of time but has been playing some Persona Q on the Nintendo 3DS and some Dungeon League Chat With Special Guest Tim Dawson and Sanatana (Nart) Mishra of Witch Beam Games 00:07:11 The elevator pitch for Assault Android Cactus [htt