SteamLUG Cast

s03e12?– Seriously Brewmaster Very Reborn



Hero and Tele pretend to be robots, while talking about the new SteamOS release and Dota 2 Reborn beta. Introduction 00:00:17 Tele (Tele42) introduces @HeroOhOne Our Gaming 00:00:27 @HeroOhOne 7 Days to Die for the first time [] Serious Sam 3 testing of the Seriously Casual server [] Counter Strike: Global Offensive bot games [] 00:01:04 Tele (Tele42) Guns of Icarus Online, twice weekly [] Dialing in the new Serious Sam 3 server [] No More Room in Hell event [] Dota 2 Reborn spectating and custom games [] 00:01:41 Tele (Tele42) picked up Batman: Arkham Origins during the Monster Sale, which works well in wine [] 00:02:12 @HeroOhOne bought Running With Rifles for a friend [http://store.steamp