SteamLUG Cast

s03e06?– Train of Fate



SteamLUG hosts are joined by Director at Defiant Development and Creative Director on Hand of Fate, Morgan Jaffit, to discuss the game, the studio's history and Linux. Introduction 00:00:10 @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:16 bean (@beansmyname) 00:00:19 Hero (@HeroOhOne) 00:00:21 with special guest, Morgan Jaffit (@morganjaffit) of Defiant Development Our Gaming 00:01:03 Bean got through Hand of Fate, Hoard, Guns of Icarus: Online, Torchlight 2, Counter‐Strike: Global Offensive, Journey of a Roach, and finally… Assault Android Cactus 00:01:29 Hero has been playing Hand of Fate, Guns of Icarus: Online, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance, Torchlight 2, and Star Wars: Jedi Academy running in the FOSS client [] 00:02:12 Cheese has had a small amount of time to play Hand of Fate, Assault Android Cactus, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Shovel Knight and Worms: Clan Wars 00:02:52 Morgan played a tonne of Card Crawl Chat with Morgan Jaffit 00:03:46 Background Irrational, Relic,